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Louis Valencia, DC, CSCS uses a comprehensive chiropractic and therapeutic approach to managing spinal, pelvic, and extremity dysfunction and pain syndromes. He strives in helping his patients in San Francisco CA maintain an active lifestyle, while offering a supportive and integrative approach where positive health changes can occur. His patients learn, practice, and master new skills in lifestyle choices related to exercise, good posture, diet, nutritional supplementation, relaxation, sleep, play, and social connectedness for overcoming underlying structural, physiological, and ecopsychosocial aspects of their illnesses and neuromusculoskeletal pain syndromes. Ultimately his patients learn to take responsibility for their own health through their daily lifestyle choices and health promotion strategies rather than by relying on physicians and / or medications to cure them.

When one is suffering from such neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction an effective pain management strategy is needed. Dr. Valencia's Chiropractic Sports Care practice is located inside The Yard Gym, a state-of-the-art personal training facility. This environment with supervised one on one instruction in the integrated approach of chiropractic, fitness, and ergonomics, offers individuals with neuromusculoskeletal complaints, those with multiple risk factors, and the healthy individual an opportunity to decrease their risk of injury / illness and increase their athletic performance / health status by adopting such a lifestyle skill set.

Treatment Strategies in San Francisco CA

The Chiropractic Sports Care treatment strategies include both passive care modalities, chiropractic adjustments, and manual therapies. In addition, active care methods, such as rehabilitation, fitness training, and sports performance conditioning, which can help get you back to your active lifestyle and onto a pain-free life.

The Chiropractic Sports Care continuum of ability and optimal health, which has the goal of reassurance, reactivation, and a return to your prior functional capacity status offers hope to those whose activities has been hampered by neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.

The first thing that needs to happen to achieve neuromusculoskeletal pain management is to get the correct functional diagnosis. While relief of pain is a major reason why health care consumers seek healthcare advice, modern scientific evidence indicates that the cause of most pain is functional in nature. This is why a functional diagnosis is made where care is customized to an individual's goals, needs, deficits, and examination findings.

Functional sources of pain include decreased activity tolerance and fitness levels, which is why Louis Valencia, DC, CSCS emphasizes helping his patients increase their fitness status when suffering with acute and chronic neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction and pain. In addition, teaching self-care skills with a focus on increasing fitness as a rehabilitation and preventative tool, thus increasing functional capacity for all levels of athletes from the lay person to the weekend warrior to those who compete in athletic events.

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