Chiropractic Sports Care

Chiropractic Sports Care

Helping Athletes Recover and Achieve... 

At Dr. Louis Valencia's office in San Francisco, CA, the goal of treatment is to help athletes, those who enjoy physical fitness, and even people who are just trying to meet the bare minimum exercise recommendations to heal, better their performance, or ward off physical activity-induced injury or chronic conditions. 

From One Athlete to Another 

If you're active, whether you're on a team, just enjoy jogging by yourself, or play professionally, Dr. Valencia is here to assist. He's always been physically active himself and understands the drive to want to get right back in the game, and he helps patients accomplish this. 

For people just getting into exercise, the health benefits are phenomenal, but if you're just starting out, it's easy to injure yourself by pushing your limits. And even pro-athletes fall sometimes, and it doesn't help if you're playing a contact sport, where your injury may very well be due to another player. No matter the case, if you're physically active, you could sustain an injury. Being an athlete himself, he understands what a setback that could be. For this reason, he's dedicated to helping people get back in the game. 

He understands from experience that improving your game takes time. And while practice makes perfect, chiropractic care can help you achieve perfect, well better, as well. 

Natural Ways to Relieve Pain

The standard way to reduce chronic pain is through pain relievers. The same applies to acute pain. For those who desire a better approach, chiropractic care is the answer. This particular treatment centers around targeting the root of the problem by helping the body heal. Ultimately, in the process, you have less pain and discomfort. Even in cases of chronic pain, our approach can help ease it and ensure you remain mobile and lead as active of a lifestyle as possible. 

Customized Approach

Everyone is different, especially when it comes to physical activity and body types. Therefore, our San Francisco, CA, practitioner stresses the importance of giving you a customized approach. Our chiropractor will listen to you carefully, perform a thorough assessment, and devise a plan with your unique needs in mind. Our practitioner also incorporates your particular goals into the mix since there's a huge difference between remaining physically active for as long as possible and winning the championships in your local sports division. 

At Dr. Louis Valencia's office, serving San Francisco, CA, and the general vicinity, we're here to help people of all athletic levels heal from injuries, improve their performance, and stay in shape. 

If you're ready to see how chiropractic care can help with your sports performance, call us at 415-867-2781 for an appointment today.  

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