Chiropractic Sports Care Methodology for Optimal Health & Peak Athletic Performance

The Chiropractic Sports Care initial treatment plan of a couple of times a week to a few times a
week may be needed to get you out of pain while restoring neuromusculoskeletal functional
capacity, and then onto a less frequent treatment plan will then be initiated to address your
functional deficits and joint/myofascial dysfunction. A fitness and functional capacity evaluation
will be done on the second visit, so a functional diagnosis can be made. This way your care is
customized to your individual goals, needs, and/or your deficits, so you can return to your prior
functional status and relief of your symptoms.

It is a process of activating weaker muscles with exercise, stretching shortened muscles, and by
addressing the joint and myofascial dysfunction with manual therapies such as, adjustments
and myofascial release both which can act on the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral
nervous system (PNS) by relieving nerve impingement. The three aspects of conservative
treatment of locomotor system disorders are advice, manipulation, and exercise.

Chiropractic and other manual therapies helps the communication between CNS and PNS by
addressing restricted joint fixations/subulxations and myofascial dysfunction, which can impair
movement, muscles, organs, and lead to nerve compression thus altered communication, as
nerves pass in between vertebra and through shortened soft tissues, and/or from spasms
splinting areas near the spine and extremities.

Exercise acts as a stimulus for adaptations of the locomotor system, thus improving functional
capacity functions, such as strength, flexibility, cardiovascular/muscular endurance, and motor
control functions- balance and coordination. We work on increasing your activity tolerance
when suffering from acute and chronic neuromusculoskeletal conditions, as well as teaching
self-care skills for controlling and coping with recurrent or chronic conditions of the spine,
pelvis, extremities, and soft tissues of the body. In addition, focusing on increasing fitness as a
rehabilitation and preventative tool, and more importantly by increasing performance capacity
for all levels of athletes, including the ‘occupational athlete’!

Taken together- proper body mechanics, good posture, exercise, good nutrition/hydration, soft
tissue techniques, and manipulation of articulating fixated joints allows for better nerve
function with improved motor control in our movement patterns in play, work, and at home in
your activities of daily living. This way you learn how to maintain your active lifestyle, and age
gracefully sparing your soft tissues and joints in a safe, fun, and efficient manner to achieve
optimal results. The improved communication within the nervous system allows for better
adaptation and homeostasis, thus allows for optimal health and peak athletic performance.
Please feel free to check out my website for more information on
chiropractic, personal training, and ergonomics consulting. I look forward in helping you
achieve your health, fitness, and athletic pursuits. Please share your experience with a friend,
colleague, and/or a family member referrals are greatly appreciated.

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