'From Prevention to Optimal Health and Performance'

Orthomolecular for the Chemical Side of the Triad of Health

Orthomolecular physicians, chiropractors, registered dietitian, and other nutritional advocates who use natural occurring substances toward building tissue by providing the basic raw material for fostering biochemical reactions for normal to optimal body function work on the chemical side of the triad of health. The components of nutrition, diet, hydration, and supplementation are used to drive the biochemical reactions that drive one toward optimal health and elite athletic performance. Orthomolecular physicians in particular focus on nutrition, pollution, and stress in diagnosis and treatment. A balanced triad of health means a balance of the human body, mind, and spirit, thus better adaptation in today's rapidly changing society. Orthomolecular identifies with science and with the genius of Linus Pauling, who created the name to highlight the link between medicine, nutrition, and physiology. Orthomolecular refers to the concept of having the 'right molecules in the right amounts' for optimal heath and elite athletic performance. This relationship involves the energetic systems of the body and the workings of the bio-chemical electromagnetic systems. Orthomolecular physicians specialize in the bio-chemical electromagnetic realm, which promotes ideal combustion within the body's energetic systems for optimal energy needs, physiology, and detoxification.

We have approximately 5000 chemical reactions occurring each second in each of the trillion cells of our body. In biochemistry we know that we are all unique based upon our genetics. A new field of study called Nutrigenomics looks at ones diet in relation to their genes. This field of study breaks it down into a three-part equation. This is accomplished by looking at an individual’s genes, and how their diet and environment influence them.

We have no control over our genes. However, we do have control over the other two thirds of this equation. We control what we put in our bodies by way of the foods that we eat, the water we drink, and the nutritional supplements we take. We also control the environment that we live under. Our environment includes where we live, work, and play every day. If we live under stressful circumstances and in polluted areas this will then have an adverse effect on our overall health. By ignoring the environmental and dietary influences on health, this can then have a strong influence on an individual’s genetic profile. This makes us more susceptible to expressing inherited diseases rather than letting them lie dormant with better lifestyle choices.

The Orthomolecular Nutrition Model for the Chemical Side of the Triad of Health: minimize the chemical distress & build chemical internal resistance-

Chemical Distress Risk Factors:
• Oxidative stress
• Coagulated states
• Deficiencies
• Toxicities

Chemical Internal Resistance Remedies:
• Anti-oxidants & anti-coagulants
• Minerals & vitamins
• Fatty acids & amino acids
• Enzymes & probiotics
• Distilled water with electrolytes
• Phytonutrients & herbs

Internal Resistance:
•       Anti-oxidants & anti-coagulants
•       Minerals, & vitamins
•       Fatty & amino acids
•       Enzymes & probiotics
•       Distilled water with electrolytes
•       Other naturally occurring physiologic substances

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