We offer state-of-the-art evaluations, conservative treatment, and active rehabilitation for sports, occupational, and personal injuries.

Helping people attain and maintain optimal health and peak performance since 1995.

Dr. Valencia’s Background

Dr. Louis Valencia has been an avid supporter of individuals’ health and fitness goals for most of his life. During his childhood in Marin County, the future chiropractor became immersed in a lifestyle of outdoor activity. He witnessed individuals who integrated health and fitness aspects into their daily lives, and wanted to do the same.  Once he turned 16 years, he began his career as a fitness trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area. When his passion for helping his clients grew, Dr. Valencia chose to branch out and specialize in additional services such as chiropractic sports care, physiologic therapeutics, active rehabilitation, personal training, ergonomics, and occupational health promotion. These services resulted in the opening of his practice, Chiropractic Sports Care, in 1995. 

Dr. Valencia’s Facility & Practices

Chiropractic Sports Care is at a state-of-the-art personal training facility in San Francisco. Dr. Valencia performs various treatment strategies at this facility, such as active rehabilitation, personal fitness training, strength/sports performance conditioning, and adjustments to the pelvis, spine, extremities, and myofascial system. The regular treatments for his patients include electrical muscle stimulation, moist heat, manual stretching, exercise, myofascial release, and adjustments.

Dr. Valencia is well-versed in his field and has seen his patients for various reasons. Whether you suffer from headaches, back and neck pain, sports injuries, upper or lower extremity pain, or something else, you can be confident that you will enter the facility and leave after feeling relief from these effective treatments by Dr. Valencia. 

Dr. Valencia’s Professional Recognition

This valued work that Dr. Valencia performs for his patients has been achieved and recognized throughout his years of practice. In 1994, the National Strength & Conditioning Association certificate was awarded to Dr. Valencia, making him a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist even before the beginning of his practice. Additionally, he obtained the Chiropractic Occupational Health Consultant Certificate Program from the International Academy of Chiropractic Occupational Health Consultants. 

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